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I have no formal education in the field of finance or investing. I am a Chemical Technologist by education. I worked with Marico Ltd. and Hindustan Unilever Ltd. as a Production Executive for 3 years.  Always wanting to do something of my own, I left job in 2011 and began working on a business with one of my friends. The business did not take off as expected and we had to close it after one and half years. This left me heavily in debt and with no cash flow.

Not willing to do any job again, I took up LIC agency in mid 2012 for temporary source of income and that started my journey in the field of personal finance. Before applying for registration as an Investment Adviser in August 2017, I had worked as a full time Mutual fund distributor for more than 4 years and I was dealing in all types of insurances for a year before that.

I have gathered all my knowledge of personal finance and investing out of curiosity, interest, reading and through association with other experts working in this field. I read anything and everything I could get to read about personal finance and investing during my early years in this field. My reading has become more organised now since I can differentiate between noise and information which is difficult to do for a novice. Reading, studying and exploring personal finance and investing has become the principal activity of my life.

Investing is a liberal art and it demands understanding of multiple streams of knowledge and bringing them all together while making decisions. I have observed that qualifications like MBA, CFP etc. have little link with the real knowledge and understanding of this field. Therefore I deliberately avoided spending time and energy in getting qualifications like MBA, CFP etc. I may lose some of the potential clients who judge quality of an adviser based on the decorations he displays but I am perfectly OK with it since it would be dishonest on my part to do that.

I have been continuously working towards making myself a better investor and adviser. I am learning and growing not only through my reading and association with other experts in the field of personal finance but also with every new client I am working with. I am trying to make each part of this profession better every passing day.