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I do not indulge in financial predictions since I possess no knowledge of future. I do not claim to have encyclopedic knowledge about markets and investing either. My only answer to questions like “what do you think market will do in next month, next quarter or next year?” etc. is “I don’t know”. And therefore, if you are looking for an adviser who has all the right answers to all your questions, the adviser who can entertain you with his advice, then I am not the one you are looking for.

I give advise based on the understanding that future is unpredictable. There are range of possibilities in the future. There could be lucky as well as unlucky outcomes. Therefore, it is more sensible to follow time tested principles and practicalities of investing, to stick to the process and avoid common investing pitfalls instead of  trying to be very smart in financial planning. I like to keep things simple in life as well as in investing and therefore I do not recommend fancy or exotic financial products either. 

If you are looking for simple and no-nonsense approach to your financial planning, then you have landed at the right place.

I was investing based on returns, rather than goals: Akshay Mendole

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