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Financial Planning is the first step in the direction of a better financial future for your family. It helps you recognize your current financial situation along with your financial goals and provides a road-map. If you follow this road-map with discipline, it can empower you to live a life you want to live. If we decide to work together, I will be doing the following.
Financial Planning :
1.  Assess your current financial situation.

2.  Review your existing savings, investments and insurance policies.
3.  Assist you in recognizing your large future goals and large ongoing needs over and above your normal lifestyle expenses.
4.  Create your personalized financial plan which includes strategies to help you achieve your financial goals.
5.  Assist you in implementing the agreed upon financial planning recommendations.
6.  Help you avoid common investment mistakes.
I will also be happy to help you improve your knowledge of personal finance and investing.

Annual Review And Monitoring:
1. With annual review and monitoring, I will ensure that you are on the correct path.

2. I will also revise the financial plan if needed in response to the changing circumstances in your lifestyle, family needs, employment and other external factors.

Financial Planning Fee:
1st year: ₹12,000

2nd year: ₹7,000
Fee is for my availability as your adviser for a year and not only for financial planning or review.

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