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I have stopped accepting new training business.
Do you aspire to become a confident DIY  investor? I can help you become one.
After working on over 250 financial plans, I have arrived at an approach of money management that is simple, hassle-free, yet effective. I can teach this approach to any novice investor willing to learn. Over 6 one-hour one-on-one sessions, I will help you build a style of money management that suits best to investors for whom investing is not a full-time activity. By the end of these sessions, you would be able to manage your money on your own. I will also provide you a DIY financial planning kit I have improved over the years. The fee for the DIY Money Management Training Engagement is ₹20,000. 

Here is what I cover in the Training Engagement
Different approaches of investing and the approach most suitable for retail investors
Equity part of the portfolio construction for retail investors
Debt part of the portfolio construction for retail investors
Asset allocation basics at retail investor level
Construction of the Investment Philosophy
A simple way to do financial planning calculations
Insurance planning
I will also provide you a DIY Financial Planning Kit in google sheet format and teach you how to use it.

Our client featured in financial newspaper Mint : "Saving enough does not mean you’re saving right" - Jayant Poogalia

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