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I am a ‘Registered Investment Adviser’ (RIA) with the ‘Securities and Exchange Board of India’ (SEBI) and a Fee Only Financial Planner. I charge a flat fee for financial planning and investment advise directly from my clients, and do not receive any commission or incentive from mutual fund houses, insurance companies and other financial product manufacturers. This helps me provide unbiased, objective, and comprehensive advice.

I also educate my clients about the basics of money management, practicalities of investing and financial planning heuristics, so that they become capable of managing their investments on their own.

I have written about my journey in personal finance in greater detail under “My Story”. This article was published on one of the prominent personal finance blogs in India,, under the “Fee-only adviser journey”. Here is the link to freefincal article

(As per SEBI Investment Advisers Regulation, an investment adviser shall not receive any consideration by way of remuneration or compensation or in any other form from any person other than the client being advised, in respect of the underlying products or securities for which advice is provided.)